Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dangers of Rat Poison

When purging your home of pests, keep your pets in mind.

Most of us will agree, rats are the most repugnant of pests, expecially when they rival the size of our cats.  However, if you find yourself scrambling to stifle a rat infestation by using poison, you'll need to be extra careful with your pets.

There are a number of chemicals commonly found in rat and mouse poisons that are very toxic to dogs and cats.  One of those chemicals is bromethalin, which kills animals by poisoning the central nervous system.  Brodifacoum is another and is an anti-coagulant.  It falls in with a group of chemicals that  keep blood from clotting, leading to spontaneous and uncontrollable bleeding. 

These chemicals can be deadly for dogs and cats.  Poisoning can take place directly or indirectly, such as when your pet nibbles on a rodent killed by the poison.

If your pet is unlucky enough to ingest rat poison containing either of these chemicals, the consequences can be dire, especially if not diagnosed in time.  If you think your pet may have ingested any type of poison call your veterinary clinic at once.  If after hours, call an emergency clinic.

Prevention is simple.  While it's understandable to want to rid your home of rats and mice it's important to make sure your pet does not have access to rat poison.   If you choose to use products containing dangerous chemicals like bromethalin or brodifacoum, you will want to be diligent about discarding dead rodents and keeping your pets away from the poison.